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 A graphic showing which states currently legalize marijuana, both medical and recreational.
A graphic showing which states currently legalize marijuana, both medical and recreational.

Utah lawmakers considering two medical marijuana bills
By Caleb Larkin on November 10, 2015.

Utah lawmakers are considering two bills for the state to adopt a broader legal use for medical marijuana.

The Health and Human Service Committee will meet again on Nov. 18 to consider legislation for medical marijuana use. The committee proposed two bills for the 2016 session in a recent October meeting.

The first proposal, by Sen. Evan Vickers, R-Cedar City, and Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem, would give up to 5,000 Utahns access to an oil extract from hemp plants for therapeutic purposes. Individuals with a “qualified illness” would register in state database for prescribed marijuana.
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A Brigham City man fuels the gods


BRIGHAM CITY — Joshua Webb created a custom food product after studying the healing effects food can have on the body.


Entrepreneur sells ‘SureCan’ gas cans throughout northern Utah


OGDEN – A building contractor’s goal to make red gasoline cans more “green” and efficient places his innovative product in several…


LDS Church implements new program for returned missionaries

Mormons Polygamy

LAYTON – The LDS church implemented a new program, My Plan, allowing return missionaries to maintain disciplines learned in the mission field. …


Third annual F2TF 5k brings nearly 1,500 participants

F2TF event

OGDEN – The 2015 “Fight to the Finish” theme “Together” brought nearly 1,500 people — in 34 teams — together to support loved ones…


Bill aimed to protect students from teacher misconduct

Teacher-Sex Charge

SALT LAKE CITY – Lawmakers passed a bill during the 2015 legislative session to protect students against educators with previous sexual offenses.


Davis plant plans renovation to improve recycling

burn plant.jpg

LAYTON — The Davis Energy Recovery Facility has plans to expand the building to gather more recyclables from your garbage. …


‘Inside the FBI’ offers help to victims of sextortion

FBI logo

OGDEN – The FBI launched a series of podcasts and informational videos this month to reach out to victims of sextortion.


Lawmakers debate effectiveness of preschool, kindergarten

Education Panel

SALT LAKE CITY – National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) results show Utah students score at the national average in math and reading. Yet in the…


Legislators review law enforcement training programs

Law enforcement panel

SALT LAKE CITY – Law enforcement representatives remind state lawmakers that the most valuable law enforcement tool is a “highly-trained officer.”…


Jehovah’s Witness Convention visits Ogden

Jehovah's Witness Convention

OGDEN – Jehovah’s Witnesses came from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada to the Dee Events Center for an annual convention held Friday through Sunday. …


Layton City offers free WiFi at parks

Layton parks WiFi

LAYTON – Free public WiFi is available at all city parks in Layton.


Utah officials discuss progress of child welfare

Child welfare

SALT LAKE CITY – Legislators met to discuss recent progress in Utah for child welfare.


New font shines light on dyslexia difficulties


LAYTON – A graphic designer from London designed a new typeface that depicts what reading is like for people with dyslexia.


WSU provost appointed to study economic inequality

OGDEN – The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) appointed Weber State University’s Provost Michael Vaughan to study economic…


State lawmakers address reporting on police use of force

Police Use of Force-1

SALT LAKE CITY – Legislators do not know how many police use of force fatalities have occurred in Utah.


A bill aims to protect students’ digital information

Digital data

OGDEN – The Student Digital Privacy and Parental Rights Act, sponsored by Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colorado, and Rep. Luke Messer, R-Indiana will protect students…


‘Brake the Cycle’ bikers for suicide awareness

Brake the cycle

LAYTON – Hundreds of supporters gathered to ride to “brake the cycle” of teen suicide in Utah. …


Lawmakers talk about improving educator learning

school panel.jpg

SALT LAKE CITY – State legislators met on Wednesday to determine methods to improve teacher training in Utah.


Adderall: Has drug become addictive to many?


OGDEN – Many Adderall users describe the sensation the same way, “Have you ever seen that show Limitless? That’s what it feels like.”


WSU student wins Utah Democratic Party post

Democratic Party logo

PARK CITY — The Utah Democratic Party held its annual convention this weekend, with party officers chosen Saturday at Park City High School.


Is baseball still America’s favorite pastime?

Youth baseball

LAYTON – Baseball has long been known as “America’s favorite pastime.” Yet decreasing little league registration numbers have baseball fans…


The SEC says Utah investors are too trusting


SALT LAKE CITY – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Salt Lake City reports Utahns tend to invest in Ponzi and other financial fraud schemes at a…


Ogden company grows its wooden sunglasses market


OGDEN — “Ogden is a mecca of outdoor activity,” Adam Jackson, local inventor and entrepreneur, said.


‘Stand your ground’ law triggers Utah responses


OGDEN – Should you have the right to protect yourself — with deadly force — against potential intruders in your home?


Elder Ballard counsels young single adults to stay anchored

Ballard greets

LAYTON — Elder M. Russell Ballard, an apostle for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke with a group of more than 1,200 young single adults…


App showing traffic cop locations raises concern

emergency lights

OGDEN – National debate is stirring about a new traffic app called Waze and whether it places police officers in harm’s way, to the point some officers…


Report addresses why college grad rates are low

LEAD BZ Weber State Graduation 01

OGDEN – A state audit report identified student behaviors that lead to lower graduation rates. The report is here. …


State legislators meet to discuss the future of education

Brad Smith

SALT LAKE CITY – The House Education Committee met Tuesday to discuss the long-term plan for Utah education. The committee discussed the year’s progress…


Utah soon enforcing new felony and misdemeanor laws

Erik Hutchings

SALT LAKE CITY – The 2015 legislative session made significant changes to reclassify felony and misdemeanor charges in the state.


PREP BASEBALL: Northridge baseball season comes to an end

Northridge photo

SALT LAKE CITYy – The Jordan Beetdigger’s bats started from the first pitch and never relented, eliminating the Northridge Knights from the 5-A State…


Worldwide experts in Autism research meet at conference

Jon Cox

SALT LAKE CITY – Autism research, aide, and treatment center workers gathered at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City from May 13 to May 16 to share…


Food trucks making slow transit into restaurant market

Waffle Wagon

LAYTON – Food trucks are dotting the landscape throughout Davis and Weber county.


Who should be responsible for paying for college?

College Tuition

OGDEN – A national debate on raising tuition costs and financial responsibility for college has students and parents looking for answers.


Police footage on YouTube has law enforcement worried

Pulitzers Breakingh News Photography

OGDEN – Protests against police brutality and use of deadly force are occurring all over the nation. The public has called for reform in police tactics….


Utah moves forward with suicide prevention

Suicide prevention bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Gov. Gary Herbert signed five bills into law Monday, each one expected to help the suicide prevention effort in Utah.


Football player from Kaysville continues family legacy at BYU

Gavin Fowler

PROVO – Davis High’s three-year starting quarterback is now looking to make a career on the other side of the football.


Bonneville’s “grandma” substitute receives the “Super Sub Award”

Barbara Bingham

OGDEN – After 46 years working as a substitute teacher at Bonneville High School, Barbara Bingham, age 84, retired Monday, April 6.


Legislators support bill to fund early detection programs for dyslexia

Legislature 2015.jpg

SALT LAKE CITY — A House committee has now passed a bill many see as a first step to greater support for dyslexic students in Utah schools.


Lawmakers seek to protect first responders from blood disease

Edward Redd

SALT LAKE CITY – Members of the House Health and Human Service Committee voted to allow immediate blood tests without patient consent if an emergency service…


Students and teachers disagree on mandatory civics test

Legislature 2015.jpg

SALT LAKE CITY – Lawmakers unanimously passed a bill that requires students in Utah to pass a civics test to graduate high school, but students and teachers…


Bill aims to fill ‘coverage gap’ in state-funded health insurance

Brian Shiozawa

SALT LAKE CITY — The Access to Health Care Amendments, a bill that is largely consistent with Gov. Gary Herbert’s health care proposal, was passed…


Utah bill would eliminate teacher fingerprint requirement

Steve Handy

SALT LAKE CITY – A House committee gave its stamp of approval to a bill that would end the requirement that public school teachers submit fingerprints for a…


Bill proposes giving judges more info in domestic violence cases

SALT LAKE CITY – A Utah legislator is sponsoring a bill to change the information available to judges prior to determining a sentence in domestic…


New laws proposed for use of deadly force by police

Killings By Police Grand Juries

SALT LAKE CITY – State lawmakers met Tuesday to address new policies for police use of deadly force.


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