Writing Examples

Here are my top stories:


Adderall: Has drug become addictive to many?


OGDEN – Many Adderall users describe the sensation the same way, “Have you ever seen that show Limitless? That’s what it feels like.”


Is baseball still America’s favorite pastime?

Youth baseball

LAYTON – Baseball has long been known as “America’s favorite pastime.” Yet decreasing little league registration numbers have baseball fans…


The SEC says Utah investors are too trusting


SALT LAKE CITY – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Salt Lake City reports Utahns tend to invest in Ponzi and other financial fraud schemes at a…


‘Stand your ground’ law triggers Utah responses


OGDEN – Should you have the right to protect yourself — with deadly force — against potential intruders in your home?


Who should be responsible for paying for college?

College Tuition

OGDEN – A national debate on raising tuition costs and financial responsibility for college has students and parents looking for answers.


Police footage on YouTube has law enforcement worried

Pulitzers Breakingh News Photography

OGDEN – Protests against police brutality and use of deadly force are occurring all over the nation. The public has called for reform in police tactics….


Utah moves forward with suicide prevention

Suicide prevention bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Gov. Gary Herbert signed five bills into law Monday, each one expected to help the suicide prevention effort in Utah.


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